We have reinvented the time attendance system

Amazing, modern clean and simple to use apps for mobile phones or tablet Kiosk.

Mobile and Kiosk apps for employee attendance

Your employees can log own attendance records. This saves you time to run your company.

Geo location

Our app automatically logs the geo location the employee is at when they clock in or out for later viewing on google maps.

Geo fence

You can set up multiple geo fence locations to make sure your employees only clock in or out where they should.

Employee absences

Book and monitor your employees absences in the web hosted system.


Run reports to show employees calculated worked hours, and view exceptions such as missed attendance and pay totals.

Rotas and employee self service

Set employee work rotas optionally allow employees the flexibility to chose from available shifts. Saving you further time to run your company.

Want to know more?

Watch the quick video below for more info . It’s the modern time tracking system that lets your staff clock in and out of work using just their mobiles, or a kiosk app so you can see who’s working and …

The Heart

Know what it does. Just in case.

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Your opinion matters and Nomad is the best way to share relevant comments that help your fellow movie-goers.


Get organized and never forget the best parts of your favourite films. Develop a taste profile unique to you.


The entire Nomad interface is fully customizable to fit your style and mood.

Mobile Time attendance

Don’t be tied to one location. The Allday Time mobile clock in app allows your staff to be mobile and create attendance records on the go wherever they are.

This gives you a clear view of where your staff are working and knowledge thy have arrived at the work location.


Nomad is a fully accessible app. We think everyone should have a say in the storytelling power of film.


Be a content creator and pen your very own fan pages, forums and reviews. Easily export it all to Medium.


Find out what movies are trending and gain valuable insights into your own tastes.


Nomad is connected to the cloud, which means your feed is always up to date.

Launch Countdown

Android and IOS versions are almost here. Want a sneak preview? Request beta access below.

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