Employee time attendance app available on android

Our Mobile app for personal time attendance (Search for “Allday Clock In”) is available on android play store for download and install onto all android phones and tablet devices.

The app links to your time attendance account allowing your employees to create clock In and Clock out events that are geo located so you can see where they were when they made these records on google maps.

You can also setup multiple geo fence bubbles to detect if your employees try and create these IN OUT records when they are not at the correct work location.

Employees can only create records at the time of the server hosting the account so you can be sure of the security of the times.

Allday Time Systems have also added enhanced security measures to detect against spoofing of geo location.

You can optionally allow any employee including your managers to view a roll call of your staff allowing a quick and easy way to keep track of who is at work.

Individual employees can also view a quick record of their own attendance from the app just in case they forgot if they had clocked in or Out already, or needed to see what they did yesterday or last week.

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